Incrediblist is the way to manage the landscaper’s workflow.

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What do we even need to do?

Before services begin, do you know what services your crews need to do for which customers?

Incrediblist allows the landscaper to create a master list of services, routes, and serviceable locations so that when the grass starts growing our crews know what to do.

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What in the world is going on?

With sometimes dozens of crews running, how well do you really know what's going on out there in the field?

In the middle of the night during that winter’s biggest storms, Incrediblist lets our managers know the status of our snow plowing crews in a mere seconds. It even gives up to the minute financial information to our owners and administrators.

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What the heck just happened?

When all the crews have gone home, do you know for sure everything got done. Did you invoice everything?

When that round of fertilizer is over, Incrediblist gives accurate invoicing and job costing information, so our owners can rest assured that everything was done and, more importantly, everything that was done was also invoiced!

Simple, straightforward pricing.

We don't hide our pricing behind a free demo or a contact form.

Most other job scheduling software companies hide their pricing behind free demos and sign up forms. They don't think you can handle their prices without hearing their well-rehearsed speeches and aggressive sales tactics. Incrediblist is different. Incrediblist treats you like an adult.

If you think Incrediblist will benefit your company as much as it has ours, then you'll see the value, and we won't have to rely on gimmicks in selling it.

Please be aware that our subscriptions do not include any support except email support. We do have a series of videos in the Help (click here) section, that illustrate most of the common tasks in Incrediblist.

  Max Users (Employees) Max Locations (Customers) Price
Starter 25 500 $35.00 / Monthly
Professional 50 1000 $50.00 / Monthly

Incrediblist everything that matters.

Incrediblist lets us organize our employees, services, customers, routes, and equipment in a way that matches the way we work as landscapers. We don't put snow storms on a calendar. Maybe we could put our lawn mowing routes on a calendar, but rain can have a hayday with that.

With Incrediblist, we organize our customers' locations into routes, and launch billable events (prepopulated with or without our routes) as we need them instead of blindly guessing when to schedule things.

Incrediblist our employees.

Timecards and payroll can be done in Incrediblist.

Employees and their contact information are stored in Incrediblist. With a click we can send a mass text message or email to our employees.

Employees use Incrediblist to punch in and out. Managers can see real-time how long employees have worked for the week, potentially avoiding unnecessary overtime. Payroll is easily calculated on a single page.

Incrediblist our employees

Incrediblist our services.

Incrediblist organizes services into seasons.

Administrators add our services to groups called seasons (example: plowing and de-icing organized into a winter season). Seasons allow us to create route templates for when we have to perform our services for our customers.

Incrediblist our services

Incrediblist our customers.

Incrediblist manages customers and their locations, contracts, and contact information.

Incrediblist lets us organize and have access to our customers' data wherever we are and whenever we need it. Complex and varying contract information can be stored in Incrediblist and is used when it's needed in the field.

Incrediblist our customer

Incrediblist our routes.

Incrediblist lets us determine how to route our services.

Within our seasons we can create route templates. We organize the services our customers need into serviceable locations. These route templates can then be used to start billable events. Within the billable events we can reorganize and resort the serviceable locations as we need. We also have the ability to add one time jobs to these billable events.

Crews and employees can use the billable events to access their jobs. Employees track how long they were there, any extras they performed, any notes for management, and the materials they used.

Incrediblist our routes

Incrediblist our equipment.

Incrediblist lets employees report equipment problems in a central location.

Incrediblist lets us create a database of our equipment. As breakages or problems occur in the field, Incrediblist gives employees a place to report problems with equipment. Fleet managers have a single list of equipment issues requiring attention.

Incrediblist our equipment